Hug in spring(1500字)

2017-6-1 16:26:01 [高中二年级英语作文]

  Spring likes a little gorgeous,walking slightly towards me.The slient world wakes up eagerly.All the creatures attend the spring banquet.   How wonderful!The rivers sing happily.The larks come back from the south of the country as usual .Meanwhile,some cute animals are busy with their new houses.And the sun wears warm smile,lightening our frozen hearts.It is pretty comfortable that being kissed by the breeze.Listen!There are thousands of blossoms muttering with each other,producing the charming fragrance in the air.In a word,it is spring that creates such colorful and harmonious scenes. I just want to hug in her.
   Spring is a golden season that counts most.Obviously,in the beginning of the year,spring gives all of us energy and uncountbale chances.There is no doubt that,we cannot miss the golden age. As for teenagers,we live the spring of our life.We must take advantage of the significant opportunity to realize our dreams.In this regard, perserance is apparently beneficial to succeed.And we should keep it in mind that no pains,no gains.That is to say,the more we do,the better we will get.Our greatest weakness lies in giving up,while the most certain way to succeed is just to try one more time.Under no circumstances should we give up our goals.No matter what happens,we are supposed to persist our dreams until the end of our life.In addition,we need develop a character which is optimistic.Do not erase all the progress you have made due to one mistake.
   As the proverb rightly put it"Good beginning is half done."Please let us cherish the spring,and throw our arms around the spring to feel the heart beat of her.

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