Hug in spring(500字)

2017-6-1 16:26:37 [小学五年级英语作文]

  Spring is coming.I love spring very much. I think. There is a garden behind my house.The tall, big tree,in front of my house.In spring,I go to the Hu Ying park every day.The many flowers in the grassland,This is really beautiful.So, I like the park.  Today is Sunday, I eat dinner after,I go to a big, big mountain.The  mountain name is Hang Qi.Occasionally I go for a walk on the  mountain.This mountain has a forest.Inside the forest is very dense.I love this mountain.  Spring is so beautiful, I love spring!

Spring is coming. I love spring very much. There is a garden behind my house. And there is a tall tree in front of my house, too. In spring, I often go to the Huying park. There are many beautiful flowers, so I like the park. On Sundays, I often go climbing a mountain called Hangqi after dinner. Occasionally I go for a walk there. The mountain has a forest. I love the mountain because I can see many trees and flowers and I can also breathe the fresh air. Spring is so beautiful, I love spring!

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