Why I am here?(1500字)

2017-6-1 16:26:03 [高中一年级英语作文]

  I am curious. Why I am here? There's some kind of magic effect my mind to look at the sky. It is blue. The sky is blue like a mirror, and I can look myself from it. But the sky hasn't answer my question. Why I am here?
My dad said, everyone has the value to alive. What is my value? I am standing with the sky. Is that my value? The sky tell me to look myself, to understand myself, and I will find the answer. Blue blue sky, with white cloud and warm wind. Quiet between the earth and Zeus. Everyone has to complete their mission from they reached the world until they leave. Ya, this the value is.
What is the mission? My mom said, complete those must to do. Those? Maybe she said about wash shoe or done my homework? I think so. My grandparents said, to fill in the new blood in to the social, to continue the life by having income, to together push our country up to a new level. 
They said, these are the value I alive and why I am standing here.
Not enough time to waste, but I am sure I am lazy to complete the mission everyone is doing. I like to travel, I like to walk around the city, I like to live in a town. Can these things be the reason to explain why I am here?
Nowadays, I don't look at the sky anymore. Everyone is looking to the sky, and completing the mission to show their value. I look forward to the ground, and also the trees. Green green forest, with some cute mammals. I most like to do what I want to do. To leave the place which having all stupid mission.


I am curious about why I am here.

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