Hug in spring(1500字)

2017-6-1 16:26:08 [初中三年级英语作文]

  I've always been upset,for the stress I feel often makes me depressive.On a beautiful afternoon,I was keeping on writing to fight for my dream.'There is only a little time left and I must be hard-working enough to attend the high school I've dreamed of.'I thought.But I felt so tired that I almost wanted to give it up.Suddenly,a ray of the sun went through the window and directly kissed my face.How warm the feeling was!I couldn't help walking towards the window and looked out of the window.The sky was blue as if it's been washed.Cloud seemed to be free and have fun with each other.Somehow,I wanted to listen to music and turned on my MP3 player.I felt like I was lost in paradise while the wind in spring that is not too strong was touching me softly.So I covered my eyes which was dry all day.Soon I realized that it was spring now.I took a deep breath believing that there must be something active in the air.'Spring is hugging me!'I shouted out with excitement.Something real moved me a lot so that I went back to my chair.My mind continued telling me that you were the spring,boy.I've never been sad since then.I go on searching for the meaning of life.I haven't found the answer yet.However,I have been understanding the importance of holding fast to my deam.As common saying goes,'Where there is a will, there is a way.'Perhaps in the future,I'll achieve my goal and hug my spring again.

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