Winter in my hometown!(1500字)

2017-6-1 16:26:17 [初中二年级英语作文]
There are people love flowers in the spring, somebody to love on a hot summer day, people love the fruit of autumn and winter I prefer snow wrapped.
 Flower is a symbol of spring; a hot, summer symbol; fruit, is a symbol of autumn; snow, is the symbol of winter. White, is unique to the winter season on behalf of color, in all colors, white is more pure, the most prominent in the winter lovely.
 Home of the winter, full of joy. When it snows, a piece of snow falling from the sky, for a while, the top of the hill is white, the house is white, the window is all white. Snow falls on our palm, is looking to see what shape it is, he it has become a drop of water, it is "pure and flawless, crystal clear". After the snow, the children play in the snow, the dog printed a couple of plum blossom in the snow. Some children are playing snowball fights, played with all the snow, but not a cry. Some in skiing, skating, as a result of just learn to master the direction, it is easy to fall, but they fell, all stood up, and then exercise, play very happy. Some are making a snowman, a heap of is several. At this time, we seem to have become old friends, enjoy the happy time of home.
 The winter home is bursting with happiness. Because after the winter, he ushered in the most people look forward to the festival. In the festival, every household hung out the lanterns people juggle for a variety of delicious, the children also took prepared fireworks, on days discharge. See here, everyone should understand this festival is what? It is the annual Spring Festival. In this happy festival, a table of people around, happy to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve, watching the Spring Festival gala. On this night, the light to drive away the dark, cold and warm down.
 Ah! I love the beautiful winter home!


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