Dream is perseverance(1500字)

2016-6-12 17:54:39 [初中一年级英语作文]

  Recently,I watched a movie called Princess and the Frog.

  The main character is Tiana.When she was a child,she was good at cooking a lot,so she decided to have her own restaurant in the future.That's her father's dream too.He told Tiana never give up and their dream would come true soon.When Tiana grew up,her father died without realizing his dream,but never give up her dream.In order to realized her dream,Tiana became a waitress in a restaurant.One day,a frog named Noveen asked Tiana for a kiss,because a shadow man used magic tochange him into a frog.After Tiana did that,she changed into a frog too.

  Then,the two frogs left Tiana's friend's house and began their travel along the Mississippi River.On the way of their travel,they knew a lot of friends and knew what they really need.

  When the two frogs and their friends came back to New Orleans.Their friends helped they beat the shadow men.Later Tiana got married to Noveen.At the same time,Tiana had her own restaurant.People from everywhere came there to have a meal.

  After watching this movie,I was moved by Tiana's perseverance.On the way of you realize your dream,maybe there's something hard and they make you be hopeless.should woke hard.Maybe your dream will come true if you do it.

  Someone says:Dream is a boat.It takes you to get to the dream bank."Someone says:"Dream is a pair of wings.It lets you fly to the place where you desire".Different people have different opinions.I say:" Dream is perseverance.Never give up.Your dream will come true."Don't you believe it?Try to do it!



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