Pot bag meat(1500字)

2016-6-12 16:11:34 [初中一年级英语作文]

 Only the delicious food, know the whereabouts of your soul; Only the delicious food, listen with your heart to tell of the stomach. Have to hurry, how much we missed the pure delicious; Tip of the finger food, the food and love in your pocket. You have your personality, I have my pursuit: pot bag meat.

 A week off to just into the house, smell a fragrant delicious cuisine. I am sure that mother gave me a delicious pot bag meat. I follow scent into the kitchen, did not beyond my expectations, mother in doing pot bag meat for me. Saw the delicious pot bag meat, stirs my saliva, slowly began to mean. I hurried back, that I may not let mother found. My mother asked me to write my homework first, and then wash your hands, give me to eat a delicious pot bag meat for a while. I which have idea to write my homework, my mind only pot bag meat. I wash your hands, take the double I dedicated chopsticks quickly do the table. Soon, my mother brought a plate of golden pot bag meat came in, not mother put the pot bag meat on the table, such as I have already put a piece of into the mouth. Enjoy the pot bag meat delicious, mother see I eat with a smile. I asked my mother: "why don't you eat?" "I ate," mom said. I don't believe, just put a bowl to the mother. Then we together eat it with relish.

 Pot bag meat, why are you so good? Let me have a special liking to you. Because the pot bag meat is permeated with mother selfless great love to me.


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