2016-6-12 16:11:33 [初中一年级英语作文]
In 2003 of SARS, influenza, fever is what a terrible ah, has attracted the attention of a great nation. At that time, very accidentally I also infected with the influenza, sudden fever, and haven't been back for three days, the mother began to be nasty, from time to time be caring and attentive.At first, I also see in textile city hospital, then, listen to the doctor said I the illness is likely to be severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), call me in the hospital. Under this, my heart felt a qualm, tears streaming down and mother saw a consolation way: "don't be afraid, no matter what disease, the doctor here don't have to be afraid, always medical well."
But to say that finish, mother's eyes are red. Back home, mom and dad said: this light textile city, after all, is a small hospital, not to be trusted. Or else... Show him to the second hospital of shaoxing, where the doctors see more patients, have experienced. Mother said: "all right, all right, anyway is better than the small hospital." The next day, mom and dad and then take me to the hospital to see. On the taxi, the driver moved speedily sent us to the second hospital outpatient service building, after blood tests to check, the doctor said I this is not in the early period of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), just call me in the hospital be in hospital, but a few days. I have heard, earnestly to the doctor said I am not in the hospital? The doctor firmly replied: "in the hospital is good for you." Not much said, father, mother took me to the hospital pay booths.Days in hospital, I was slightly better, just went with dad itself through through the fresh air, go for a walk.Finally, I was released from the hospital and left with me for three weeks, hospital beds, the building of the aunts. Back to his home reunited.


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