Xie Ziyue——Wang Xixi's Diary Novels6

叶欣灵 夏天快乐萤火虫呱呱
After watching the good show, I rushed to school happily.
  After watching the good show, I rushed to school happily.
  "Yue Yue, that was your brother yesterday. Where have you been? Let your big brother find it more than seventy or eighty times." As soon as I put down my schoolbag, I joked with a cheeky smile.
  "Wang Xixi." Suddenly he called me calmly, "Yesterday, that was my cousin, Xie Zihuai. Don't talk nonsense. Let's go."
  "Hey," I yelled in confusion, "Xie Ziyue, do you need me? You are just a small squad Committee, and I am not only the squad leader, but also the squadron leader. " I pointed to the two bars on my shoulder.
  He said angrily, "What? Wang Xixi, you are stupid. "
  I stomped my feet loudly, but the teacher happened to see it and said, "Cece, copy one more ancient poem" Mountain Walk "at night." I'm angry.
  After class, Yue Yue patted me on the shoulder, and I shouted angrily, "Xie Ziyue." I'm in a hurry. "What are you doing?"
  "Cece, I blame you for not knowing what happened. Sorry, I copied that ancient poem for you." He looked at me apologetically.
  "It's okay, my handwriting is different from yours, an ancient poem, I just copied it myself several times. However, aren't you' silent'? "
  "Before, the decayed teeth didn't change, which made it difficult to communicate. Yesterday, I went to have my teeth filled alone, and I forgot to tell my brother Huai who came to pick me up."看了好戏后,我开开心心往学校赶。
小学6年级 记叙文
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