My Family

I have a very happy family. I like my family.
  My Family
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  This is my family. There are four people in my family: my father、my mother、my little sister and I. We’re very happy.
  My father is a worker. He is thirty-five years old. He likes blue. So he usually wears a blue shirt. His favorite foods are tomatoes. He likes to eat bananas. My mother is a bus driver. she works hard, and She is very kind to all the passengers. All the passengers like her. She likes red best, because she thinks red is a lucky color. Her favorite foods are eggs. She likes to eat apples, just like me. My little sister is a student of Grade one. She is only seven years old. She likes yellow very much. She always paints her paintings yellow. While I am a student, too. I’m 12 years old. I am bigger than my sister, so I always look after her. We often go to school together. But I don’t like yellow, I like pink.
  Look! I have a very happy family. I like my family.
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