My Family

but I like playing sports and watching TV.
  My Family
  步步高英语学校  李彬
  I have a happy family. My family has five people. My father、my mother、grandparents and I.
  This is my great father. He is 39 years old. He is a worker of a factory. Sometimes he plays ping-pong with me. He is very kind to me. This is my kind mother. She is 37years old. I am close to her. She is a housewife, so she usually does the housework. Everyday she cooks delicious food for us. Those are my grandparents. They are old but well. My grandpa often buys me many interesting things and gives me a lot of money. My grandma loves me, too. She usually cooks meals for me when my mom’s out. I am a junior high school student. I’m twelve years old. I’m not very tall, but I like playing sports and watching TV.
  This is my big family----warm with love. I love my family.
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