2017-6-1 16:26:51 [小学四年级英语作文]


 There was once a little girl named Jerry that lived with her mother in a small cottage in the forest, they were very poor, and could only afford to eat bread. “Oh no!” cried Jerry’s mother one noon, “We ran out of bread, and it is almost time for supper!” “Do we have any eggs left?” asked Jerry, “No, none;” said her mother very worried.

 “Don’t worry mother,” said Jerry suddenly, “I shall go and get some in the market.” Then she ran off through the forest to the market with her basket. Along the way, she was quite tired, and so rested upon some big rocks. It gradually became late and Jerry decided to go and buy the bread, but suddenly a wolf cried out behind her; “Please, please help me!” cried the wolf, “I have a problem that nobody wants to help!” then he held out his paw to Jerry, there was a thorn stuck to his paw. “Is this a trick?” asked Jerry, “Because wolves like to eat people.”

 “Oh no,” answered the wolf, “We do not eat people now, we only want to eat some bread with mustard on top;” then he cried again. Jerry quickly knelt down and removed the thorn from the wolf’s paw; “Oh thank you! Thank you!” shouted the wolf joyfully, “I shall never forget your kindness!” then the wolf returned to his home. Jerry walked to the market to buy healthy fresh bread, and then she ran off home with a full basket of it.

 On the way, she was still tired; and so she stayed at the same place and the same time. As she was about to go, some greedy wolves blocked her way; they had water in their mouths and said, “Give us the bread!” said a wolf, “Where are the mustard?” asked a second wolf, “Just give it to us!” shouted the third wolf. Jerry had no choice, as she was about to give the fresh bread away to the wolf, the wolf that she had saved before rushed out and said, “Leave her alone!” he growled, “That girl saved me before, and so leave her alone!” he shouted again.