2017-6-1 16:26:46 [小学四年级英语作文]



 After a few hours of resting, it was time to do some evening chores. Jack grabbed his notebook and pen, he put on his glasses; and tried to concentrate and read about his notes he had written before bed last night.

 “Going to tree house, many books on the floor; open page dinosaur, made a wish; arrived at time of dinosaurs. Open page frog lake creek, made a wish; arrived at adventure frog lake creek,” “Whose going to believe all this? Not my mother, not my father, not my teacher Mrs. Waltson…” Only his little sister Annie, she had gone with to the time of the dinosaurs, and frog lake creek…

 Suddenly there was a “Bang, bang, bang!” on the door, “Who is there?” asked Jack, his little sister Annie pushed open the door; and said, “Can you sleep?” “Nope, of course not, I didn’t do my evening chores; and besides, who wants to do chores now and then?” “Do you want to go to the magic tree house?” “No, it is too late, and mother and father would probably be angry if they figured we aren’t in bed.” “Well I’m going,” said Annie, “All right,” answered Jack in a sudden. He put on his jeans, and sweater, and then rushed out down stairs. Annie came out with a flashlight; she shined it bright in Jack’s face, “Boo!” Jack was scared, “Gotcha! Ha!” Jack was angry, “Annie, stop messing around;” “Okay, fine! Ugh!” then Annie clipped the flashlight onto her belt.

 Jack took another flashlight, then they tip-toed down stairs; when they arrived, Jack said, “I don’t know Annie; i-i-i-i-t looks a bit scary and dangero…” “Oh come on scary cat! It’s just a tree house, do you want to see the magic person and the golden medal or not!?” “Medallion, not medal;” said Jack quietly. “Whatever, let us go and see what the golden medal looks like; come on!” “Medallion!” said Jack, “And what if the magic person was not nice?!” “You are such a scary cat; at least you get to take the gold medal as a reward of you bravery.”