2017-6-1 16:26:44 [小学四年级英语作文]



 A little boy wanted to read a book, but he had no money; he decided to earn some in return. But he had nothing to do, and so he just had to stay at home just like usual life; he was very sad.

 Suddenly, a strange thing took place, and he began to make use of something that he wanted to try. After a short time, he came back from the basement with a ruffled shovel in his hand. When it was time to finish the work that he was to earn money, he smiled happily.

 His work was to shovel snow for the other neighbors in the winter, because most of the times when snow was very, very big; some of the house doors got block, and they need to pay $100 for a builder to come and shovel the snow out of way. But now the boy will help shovel the snow, and they need only to pay $10 in return. At first the boy was not good at it at all, but soon he got the use of it, and earned lots of money. When it was time to use the money, he figured that he didn’t have enough to pay for the grammar book that he wanted for school. It was not that big of a deal of very much; but was not quite things of time.

 He kept on this work for 4 years, until he had finally got enough money to buy the grammar. He was so very excited, that he jumped about in the room from brick to brick. When he went to the store, he figured it was closed; all the grammars are sold out, but in the other hand in opened because he shoveled the snow away which let him get enough money to buy another grammar in another store.

 It was almost summer and the snow melted away, a statue of him was made up in the town square where he lived; for making the snow disappear. He was also the first in the class every morning, because he was willing to learn some identities to learn grammar. He loved grammar. And when it was time for him to head home and buy another harder one; he used the same plan just a little better.