2017-6-1 16:26:44 [小学四年级英语作文]



 There was once a little boy that wanted to be an inventor. It was a very big job, but it was almost his dream; and so nobody ever questioned him about it. It was spring, and the birds began chirping around the forest again. The boy was glad that they were here, because he wanted to do some tests on them. When it was finally the ending of what was going on, the boy went across the fields, and found out why the birds couldn’t speak, the most logical answer was: Because those birds couldn’t speak, was first: That birds have no tongue, and so they couldn’t use their tongues to touch the places that they were supposed to. And second: Was because that they have no teeth. That was why the boy became a scientist after that.

 Everybody was very astonished to find out that a little boy only 5 years old to find out why a bird couldn’t speak. It was quite surprising for the boy’s family too. They were all so very, very, very proud of him. And there was even a grand parade that day; and when this news was reported, everybody in the whole world knew all about it, maybe even China, or Hawaii; it was really weird all of a sudden.

 It was the time when the boy was to be a grownup; and it was also the time when he was to find a job, because his inventor job had been canceled; for he failed on one of the easiest tests that were a contest.

 Before what was repaired full of the training essays, somebody resigned the exit sign to the elevator department, and was in big danger. The boy was the only one that had figured out how to do this method. And so the manager called him to repair this thing, and so he came here and finished his job; he was back in business again.