2017-6-1 16:26:43 [小学四年级英语作文]



 There was once a little turtle that wanted to be the fasted animal in the jungle, everybody laughed at him and said that he could never be the fasted animal ever. But the turtle didn’t listen to them, and instead, he decided to learn and study from the wild hare; he was the fasted animal in the jungle oh yes. In fact, every animal went to learn from the hare had become the fasted runners too. When the turtle told the hare that he wanted to be the fasted runner in the jungle, the hare laughed high over heels aloud; “Oh, oh!” cried the hare, “Turtle, if you want to be the fasted, then you must get that big shell of your back, Ha-ha!”

The turtle was not very happy about what he had just heard from the hare, and he eventually decided to prove to him that it was his duty to be the fasted runner of the jungle. “How about this, I and you have a race;” said the turtle suddenly, the hare laughed aloud again, “Oh turtle, turtle; please don’t tell me that you are not going to give up!” “I am not, I have the heart inside my body, and I do not believe that I couldn’t be the fasted runner in the jungle!” the hare then finally agreed to race with him.

When the time arrived, the turtle got ready; when the sound began to blow, the turtle walked along slowly. While the hare in the other case hopped about happily. “Does he really think that he could beat me?!” shouted the hare, “That would be a dream in his brain;” said the hare again. When he was almost at the finish line, the hare said to him, “I shall take a rest, then when I get up the turtle still behind my tail; and I cross the finish line, using my rest energy;” saying that, the hare lay down asleep. The turtle still didn’t give up; he soon found the hare, and crossed him quietly, when he reached the finish line, he cried out loud; when the hare woke up, found the turtle still wasn’t in front of him.