2017-6-1 16:26:42 [小学四年级英语作文]


 There was once a little boy that wanted to live in peace; that was because of his parents, they were always bossy, and he couldn’t bare it like that. It was in the middle night when the boy decided to run away; because he realized, that his parents were watching cow movie 4, which was hilarious. It was one of the most precious stories ever, which by the way, usually means that it makes other people or you laugh out loud.

 Before even trying to get on his bike and bike away from home; he packed some food and ran away to the garage, which some how the reason is shaped like a dog bone. When he got his helmet on top of his head, he biked off straight towards the park. Where there he placed a blanket that happened to be a sleeping bag; when it was done, he placed another layer on top of it to make it softer. Before that he zipped the sleeping bag, and then he was ready to put the pillow on the sleeve.

 That was an idiom that I had mentioned before. And that would be over taking some of the information back to its own brain. That was because of the bike, its tires were out of air; and he would have to find something to get it all pumped up. When he was all the way through with his plan, he decided to add some perfection to it. That happened to be pumping up with his breathe taking, it was a lot of work; but he soon pumped it full and went to be. As soon as he got up, he had breakfast; and his only hope was to find his way back to where he lived.

 He packed up his snacks and sleeping bags or pillows and the layer.

 It was all very happy of he the boy going back home, when he arrived, his parents came out and hugged him; they had a conversation over it. “What were you doing the time when you were gone? And that happened to be awesome!” “I guess it was, but I knew that running away was not a good idea; I am really sorry that I ran away. I guess I was just unhappy about you saying that I am a big boy for chores, and that I am a small boy for watching hilarious movies such as cow movie 4.”