Less homework(3000字)

2017-6-1 16:26:06 [高中一年级英语作文]

                    Whether students should have less homework

  Nowadays, the topic of "Whether students should have less homework" is a heated debate. Somebody will says that students should have less homework as it can decrease students stress whereas somebody says that students should have more homework since it can deepen students's that students' study memory. In my opinion, students should have less homework because students will feel pleasant since they can do more things that they like. Now, I will from two aspects as "reduce student's burden" and "students will more enjoy extra-curricular events" detail students should have less homework.  After considering the amount of extra-curricular activities that students can enjoy and the amount of stress students can bear, I am in favor of giving students less homework.


   First, as for reducing student's burden, giving students less homework can reduce their stress. Nowadays, students should do more and more homework and sit for the exams. At the same time, they should prepare for their test, so they will have a lot of stress. We frequently can hear that the students jump off the building as they get a bad result in test, or have mental diseases on the TV. For example, according to the news that I watched, a students jumped off the building since he could not in the college as well worrying it will let their parents feel sad. From the above example, it can be concluded that students are suffering from stress and thus there is no point giving students more and more homework so that students will feel relaxed.