Can not forget the past(3000字)

2017-6-1 16:26:10 [初中三年级英语作文]
 71 years later, Normandy, France Utah Beach, then in this bloody war veterans, put on the uniform with decorations hanging, walking on the road, people to their applause and cheer for them, but they also discovered that, veterans of the smile so heavy...                   71 years later, Russia, Moscow, Red Square, here is to celebrate, perhaps should be said to commemorate the seventy anniversary of the victory of World War II, the main places, from the world's heroes, respected by the leaders of all countries.                        71 years later China, Northeast China, a small town, a class of students, under the leadership of a 80 year old man, came to the monument, the old man tells the story of when his enemies and survive and escape experience, is still excited. He sang the song that he was blooded Songs: "Broadsword to the enemy's head cut off......" The students burst into tears......          The end of the war. Let us to commemorate the sleeping heroes!!!                 Memorial, in order not to forget the past, for the sake of the world freedom and peace and fighting the soldiers, warriors, heroes!!


 71 years ago, Normandy, France Utah Beach, a team and a team of American and British soldiers braved the hail of bullets, rushed to the front of the bunker, and then a soldier fell. There were still people shouting and running forward. For a moment, blood dyed the entire beach...