Can not forget the past(3000字)

2017-6-1 16:26:10 [初中三年级英语作文]

 71 years ago, the Soviet Union, Stalingrad front, a car and a truck just came out from the camp of the recruits. Officers in the car shouted,"We don't need to live the deserter!" The voice just fell, a shrapnel penetrated his head. The recruits were driven off, some people got guns, some people only took a bullet.        

 71 years ago, Northeast China, a village at night, a naked middle-aged man with a gleaming sword in his right hand appeared in front of a group of villagers. They also carried a sword. The middle-aged man said,"They didn't let the family know?" They were all silent, the man waved his hand, "go ahead." Half an hour later, the miserable shouts, the sound of the guns and metal collision could be continuously heard in the Japanese army base. The blade had the color of grief and indignation under the moonlight.                                         

 War, in addition to death and destruction, can bring us nothing. The war left us not only a bitter memory, but also left us justice and peace with the dedication of the heroes.                  

 71 years later, Normandy, France Utah Beach, the veterans put on the uniform with decorations hanging, walking on the road. People applauded and cheered for them, but they also discovered that veterans smiled so heavily...