Let us face the problems(1200字)

2017-6-1 16:26:10 [初中三年级英语作文]


Rich or poor, young or old, we all have the problems. Maybe it is about your future, job or grades .


In a word, the trouble is everywhere.


As a middle school student, I have the experience deeply. All day, we get all kinds of stress. In the school, we have to compare with our classmeats. At home, the parents push our so hard, they just want our to do the best and they hardever think our feeling! That if you have the problems like these, so what should you do ? There are some advice ,I hope its can help you.                          




First ,when your parents push you so hard, communition with they, in my opinion, communition is the best way to solve the problems ,you could sit down and talk with your parents to find an acceptable way you and your parents.




Second, you can write the diary, it can keep the nervous ourselves




Finally, when you are angry with something, maybe you can try to listen to the music, a good music can make you relax and its also can let you bad mood die down