I regret about it(1500字)

2016-6-12 16:11:34 [初中一年级英语作文]

 In my mind, there is one thing that really make me regret it.

 That day, a beautiful, sunny, clear blue skies. The weather is so good, I was very sad. Because - it was the last day of the sixth grade, not only I a person very sad, I am the teacher and classmates are also very sad. We want to different secondary school, may never see again in the future. Although sad, but also very happy - and put a lesson for the summer. The summer vacation. We can no longer primary school students, is a qualified middle school students.

 "Ding ding ding..." In class, we all quiet, waiting for the arrival of the teacher. The teacher come, or so, so dress, hairstyle. We said "good teacher". The teacher said, "this is the last class, I wrote a speech:" the classmates, hello. How time flies, has been six years... I finished the speech, thank you. '" Suddenly boiling up class, clapping a and a. Soon after school, the teacher let us pick up the bag. Again told us: "go home to study well, pay attention to the water, electricity, the use of fire, do it ourselves, to help parents to share some of what things..." Ding ding ding ", and the school. Together we surrounded the teacher walked out of the building. In the street, we destroyed, each looking for mom, back to their homes.


Got home, I didn't remember I made a low-level and great mistake - and teachers solemnly say goodbye.


I regret about it, I remember in my heart.


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