The power from the crazy man

   “The greatest enemy is the lack of firm faith.” Romain Rolland said. Yes,only when we have firm faith can we make it to the top.
  My idol, called Beethoven is a great example. He did not have a fortunate childhood. He had to learn music under his father’s rude way. When he was a child, his mother who he loved very much died. He felt great sorrow and the great responsibility on his shoulders. It is cruel for young Beethoven, but he never gave up learning. On the contrary, its built his firm faith and he was still crazy about music.
  It was also not smooth for Beethoven when he was a teenager. He lived in German where he experienced the big revolution. It was very time that he been deaf. For a musician, being deaf meant dead. It was he that felt despaired, always shutting in the midnight. But nobody understood him, they just thought he was a madman who always shut in midnight. Because of those troubles, he dared to face the dismal life. The creativity and self-confidence which in his heart were broken out. He made good use of what he had to learn and write songs day and night to express what he thought of the society and encouraged people who lived a hard life like himself.
  The god was mean who did not want to give happiness to Beethoven. But Beethoven created happiness to the world. He liked music and made it to the top.
  What made Beethoven successful? It is firm faith! Consequently, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that the firm faith has been playing an increasingly important role in daily life. The firm faith is like a sword which can help us defeat many difficulties. So no matter how difficult it is, we should have firm faith and must do our absolute best to defeat them and make it the top.
  I feel sure that our future will be brighter, if we have firm faith and we do all we can to defeat difficulties.
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