Rain Era

Take a root in the ground Live in harmony with the wind.
Cuz it's just in my nature

I'm getting into a blue mood

Children are sleeping while sky is weeping

What if I said never be apart

What if I said never quit love

My love is six feet under

Your promise fade awey

One last time

"Be my man and show me what it feels like"

Then I'll go to far

Touching the rain

I beg you give me your honesty again

hugging the rain

The heaven tears put out my burning passion

Crying with the rain

I came into a dreamland

"This innocence is brilliant

I hope that it will stay

This moment is perfect

Please don't go away"

This love is so dull and never ever ever get crazy

Can I get your affection tonight

Who cares and who knows

Everything just played in the east of eden
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