My Bedroom

.This is my beautiful bedroom. I like it very much..
  My Bedroom
  步步高英语学校   胡雅婷
  Hello, boys and girls! I am Linda. I am a ten years old girl. I have a pretty bedroom. It’s not big, but very nice.
  My room is very clean. I clean it every day. It is on the left of our house. You can see a big bed in the middle of my room. It’s pink. I like this bed very much. Because it is very comfortable. There are three photos above the bed. They look very nice. There is a pink clock on the wall, too. On the wall, you can see many cartoons that I drew before. There is a desk and a chair near the window. You can see many books. I often do my homework here. These flowers are my grandma’s. They are so beautiful.
  。This is my beautiful bedroom. I like it very much.
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