My Bedroom

I have a lovely and beautiful bedroom.
  My     Bedroom
  I have a lovely and beautiful bedroom. The wall is white, the bed is pink, the wardrobe is blue, and the desk is brown. The co lour is very beautiful which can make you pleasant and comfortable.
  There is a bed in my bedroom that I sleep everyday. There is a desk near my bed and I sit near the desk to do my homework every night. There is a pretty pink doll on my bed. On the wall, there is a big window which has many beautiful flowers on it. These flowers laugh greatly every morning as if they have much word to talk with me. On the right of my bed, there is a nice and cute shelf. There are many all kinds of books on the shelf. I like to read these books which can give me a large number of knowledge. Do you like reading books? You can borrow the books from me whenever you want.
  This is my bedroom and I am glad to own it. I believe it will be company with me in my life forever.
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