The Story of Chopsticks

Once upon a time,there was a town called Eating Utensils.
          The Story of Chopsticks
Once upon a time,there was a town called Eating Utensils.
In addition to people,some dinnerware lived in the town.
There were bowls,cups,plates,serving platters,and so on.
But,the people did not know how to ues the dinnerware to eat their food.
One day,some new neighbors moved into town.
There were forks,knives,spoons,and chopsticks.
The pieces of dinnerware were really happy and went to welcome the new neighbors.
“Guys,welcome to our town!””Let’s live in peace!””Alright.
And let’s help each other.”So,they helped each other and became good friends.Everyone had a job to do.
The forks poked and moved food.
The knives cut up food.
The spoons scooped up and moved food.
But,the chopsticks couldn’t find a job that they could do.
They couldn’t do anything alone.They only interfered with the others’ work.
The other utensils began to ignore the chopsticks.
Soon,the chopsticks became sad.One day,all of the chopsticks gathered together to have a talk.
“Guys,we have to find a way to work.Why should we
be ignored by the others?”
“Because we are useless.”
“No,we can find a way to be useful.Let’s think.”
They thought about it for a few days.One chopsticks thought of an idea.He called all of the chopsticks together,again.
“Guys,I have a great idea.Let’s each get a partner.
Work in pairs.””Then,what do we do?”
“Cooperate and pick up the food together!”
The idea worked.They could pick up the food easily.
The chopsticks were happy,now.They went to the others and showed them what they could do.
“We can pick up food!””Say what?No way!”
“Don’t interrupt our work.Go away!”
“Wait!Look what we can do.”
The chopsticks showed them how they could pick up food by working in pairs.From that day on,the others’ attitudes changed.They became friendly towards the chopsticks.
“Hey,you guys are working hard!”
“Yeah!Now,we can be helpful to all of you.”
They all lived happily together ever after.
Chopsticks cooperate and work hard together.It’s very hard to work together in pairs,but chopsticks never give up.
They keep on working together.Isn’t that great?

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