I love books

Do you like books? I love books more then everything else!
               I love books

   Do you like books? I love books more then everything else!

  I love 'em! I love the way they smell, altogether in their book shops; I love their individuality; I love the sound they make when their pages are being turned. By the way, my classmates call me a bookworm! so my dad brought me kind of books:
         Round the world in eighty days
               Jane Eyre
              Oliver Twist
         The adventures of Tom Sawyed
              Treasure Island
         Tales from the Arabian Night
              Monte Cristo
  In these books,there are many lovely person: Phileas Fogg、Jane、Oliver、Tom、Jim、Scheherazade、Edmond. Do you know why do I love them? Because they are all clever. Now listen to me read an excite story:

  In the days that followed, Faria grew a little stronger, but he could not move his right arm and leg. It seemed that he would never be able to do so. All the same, he was cheerful. He often spoke about his treasure. He was happy to think that Dantes would have it, for he really loved Edmond as a son. He made him learn by heart the words on the paper, and then he burned it. He told Edmond the value of the treasure, its value in the fifteen century and its value then. “With so much money, you can help the poor and needs.”He said.
  You know, I love books.I mean just read books,because reading is happiness.They can give you a lot of knowledges .
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