An E-mail for Teacher Monique

I felt that there are some freshness, I climbed to upper bed and climbed down. I felt very happy because this is just a beginning of a one-week-trip.
  Dear Teacher Monique,
  I received your e-mail on August 14. In your e-mail, you are approving of me to have a journey in the Summer Holiday. After that, my family took me on vacation. Yesterday morning, we had got back home successfully.
  The place where we went is called Ningxia. It’s a province in the west part of China. The Yellow River, China’s second longest river, passes there. And it made some lakes and a big part of wetland. Ningxia has the Tengger Desert at the northwestward. I send you some photos, they’re attached to this e-mail.I hope they can bring you the freshness and happiness.
  The first photo showed that I was on a train. I only know that it’s long like a giant boa constrictor. But I had never been on it before. After we get in the coach, I discovered that there’s a line of little rooms inside. In every room, there are two long sofas which can be beds at night, and every sofa has another bed upon it. There are also little seats in the passageway outside the rooms.
  I felt that there are some freshness, I climbed to upper bed and climbed down. I felt very happy because this is just a beginning of a one-week-trip.
  The second and third photo showed that I was sitting with my grandma and aunt on a sand hill when the sun had just risen. The big desert behind us was like a golden ocean. Those sand hills big and small were like the waves of the ocean during a big storm wind. The sun was like a red elfin, it was very cute. Then we discovered that at the bottom of the sand hill, some green plants and some white with thorns ones are growing there, there are insects crawling in the sand, too.
  The fourth photo showed that I was riding a horse with my aunt on the grassland. The man who’s riding the horse in the middle is our guide. He was pulling our horses’ rein. The fifth photo showed that I was riding a camel in the desert. My cousin was behind me. Camels one follows another, and lined up long. The guide’s camel was at the very front. I felt different of riding horses and camels compare to sitting in cars. It let me remember the feeling when my parents carry me when I was little.
  The sixth photo showed that I was standing in the wetland by the reeds. This place is called the Sand Lake. I visited the Sand Lake Animal Museum and I saw many specimens of animals living here like pelicans, ospreys, cranes, wolves, hedgehogs, wild rabbits, foxes, and badgers. … On the seventh photo, it showed that we were looking at the brilliant show of acrobatics from the three smart sea lions. They are not born here of course, just actors and guests.
  Do you think these photos are interesting?
  On this trip, I still haven’t forgotten our lessons. Sometimes I used my little loudspeaker box and listen to the MP3 of Magic Tree House.
  Tomorrow is Monday and you are going to give classes to me again. I’m already ready for it and I’m looking forward that time!
  See you tomorrow afternoon at 7:30!
  Sunday, August 25, 2013
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