“If You Were My Girlfriend...”|“如果你是我女友……”


1. They’d Treat You Like A Lady
While some guys might think that chivalry3 is dead, it’s something that matters immensely to the Jonas Brothers. “We really feel that it is important to be a gentleman—that’s how we were raised,” Nick says.“I find that girls really like it when you are like that. I’ll open a door for a girl, and she’ll be like, ‘Oh, no one’s done that for me in a really long time.’”
“I think guys should still open a door for a girl every chance they get, every time,” Kevin adds.“They should try to take care of a girl as much as possible. She’s like a princess, no matter what.”

2. They’d Dress To Impress
Don’t expect Kevin, Joe or Nick to pick you up for a date looking disheveled4 with baggy pants down to their ankles, burping5 from the soda they just chugged6. These guys would wear their finest threads7 and carry themselves with dignity.  
“Girls really appreciate having good table manners,” Joe shares.“Not only is it important to us to respect a girl, but to respect ourselves. We want to be presented in a way that is not sloppy8 or anything like that.”

3. They’d Make You Feel At Ease
The Jonas Brothers would always make you feel like the center of attention and you’d never be lacking for conversation—especially with Kevin. “I’m a people person9, and I try to make everyone feel comfortable,” he reveals.

4. They’d Send You Gifts
The guys tour quite a bit and are never in the same place for too long. But they know all about making a long distance relationship work. Out of sight never means out of mind.
“There was this girl I liked, and she lived in a different country,” Joe shares.“I send her a big bouquet of flowers, and sending flowers from a different country can be expensive.”



3. 他们令你感到轻松

4. 他们会送你礼物



1. charisma  n. 魅力
2. pamper  v. 宠爱
3. chivalry   n. 骑士风度
4. disheveled   adj. 凌乱的
5. burp  v. 打饱嗝
6. chug   v. 大口喝
7. threads代指衣服
8. sloppy   adj. 邋遢的
9. a people person 指外向、友好、容易跟人相处的人