Know Your Netiquette?|网络礼节知多少?


Let’s say you e-mail a friend the poem you just wrote, asking for constructive criticism. Without your permission, the friend forwards2 your poem to several other kids. Soon, you’re getting smart-alecky3 IMs4 and e-mails. How do you feel?
That friend isn’t the only one who could use lessons in netiquette (Internet etiquette). Rudeness in e-mails, chat rooms, comments columns, and blogs is on the rise,“Without seeing the immediate consequences of rudeness on the recipient’s face or in their voice,” observes one Internet expert,“it is easier to cross boundaries.”
Are you a good netizen (Internet citizen)? Take our quiz to find out.

Netizenship QUIZ
1. A blogger posts an unkind review of your favorite singer’s new CD. How do you respond?
A.“I think this CD is better than the last one.”
B. “ROTFL5. You’re kidding, right?”
C.“You should rethink your taste in music.”

2. You’ve had an argument with a classmate. What do you do?
A. Complain in an e-mail to your friends.
B. Take your mind off the spat6 by IMing a friend about something fun.
C. Explain how you feel by posting a message on the classmate’s blog, using a made-up name.

3. Your cousin sends you a chain letter, and asks you to send it on to 15 people. What do you do?
A. Forward it to 15 friends.
B. Reply that you’d rather not receive chain e-mails.
C. Trash it without a reply.

4. The Mayor has announced a cleanup of your local park. How do you express your approval?
A. Send a brief e-mail, which includes your name and address, saying thanks and why a clean park matters to you.
B. Send a long, detailed e-mail on all the reasons you applaud the plan.
C. Send an e-mail full of smiley faces.

5. Your coach benches7 you from a game after you show up late for practice. What do you do?
A. E-mail the coach about your concerns.
B. Speak with your coach, and listen to his or her explanation.
C. Use a parent’s e-mail address to send the coach a stern message.
Answers: ABBAB
5 right: You are a most excellent netizen!
3-4 right: OK, but mind your manners.
0-2 right: Think about how you would like to be treated yourself. Then take the quiz again.


A. “我认为这张唱片比上一张要好。”
B. “笑死我了。你在开玩笑吧?”
C. “你应该重新考虑你对音乐的品位。”

2. 你和一个同学吵了一架。你会怎么办?
A. 写封邮件给朋友,向他们抱怨一下。
B. 跟朋友网上聊天,聊些开心的事情来打岔。
C. 用假名在这个同学的博客上留言,说出你的感受。

3. 你的表兄给你发了封连环信,让你转发给15个人。你会怎么做?
A. 转发给15个朋友。
B. 给他回信,说明你不喜欢接到连环信。
C. 不回信,直接把它丢进垃圾箱。

4. 市长宣布要清扫当地公园。你怎么表达自己的支持?
A. 发一封简短的邮件,附上你的姓名、地址,表示感谢,以及说明为什么一个干净的公园对你来说十分重要。
B. 发一封长长的、详细的邮件,陈述你赞成这个计划的所有理由。
C. 发一封充满笑脸符号的邮件。

A. 给教练发一封邮件,表达你的担忧。
B. 同教练好好谈谈,听听他或她的解释。
C. 用父母的信箱给教练发封义正辞严的信。


1. netiquette=network etiquette 网络礼节etiquette [?謖etiket] n. 礼节
2. forward  v. 转发
3. smart-alecky 自作聪明的
4. IM=Instant Messaging即时通讯
5. ROTFL= rolling on the floor and laughing 捧腹大笑
6. spat   n. 口角,争论
7. bench   v. 使…退出比赛
8. code   n. 规范