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Too Big For Her Britches6?
“She is such a sweet girl. She has a hard time telling a person if they get her order wrong.” her mom Tish tells us,“She honestly is a genuinely nice, loving, compassionate, great kid who doesn’t take any of it for granted.”
Her Dishwashing Disaster
To insure that she stays that way and maintains as normal a life as possible, Tish and Billy Ray still make Miley do chores around the house, like doing the dishes.“The first time I used the dishwasher, it was like a movie,” Miley says.“The bubbles started coming out. I was like,‘Oh wait, maybe I’m not supposed to just pour the soap all over the inside! Oh, that little container? That’s where I’m supposed to put it!’ I got in so much trouble.”
When she’s home in L.A. or Nashville, Miley also does laundry.“Once, I shrunk my mother’s favorite pair of jeans,” the Disney darling confesses.“In my family, because our legs are so long, we’re not supposed to put jeans in the dryer because they’ll shrink. We have to hang them outside to dry the old-fashioned way. Now, she’s got really cute jeans!”
The Payoff
Doing chores keeps Miley grounded and helps her prove to her parents that she’s responsible.“Even if your parent doesn’t ask you to do a chore or clean up your room, you should go ahead and do it anyway, because you want to earn their trust. If you do things without them asking you, you’ll get their trust, and it will definitely make things better.”

Now that Miley’s preparing to head to the big screen in the Hannah Montana movie, she’s destined to experience even more success. But she’ll stay grounded with a few little words! “The motto I live by is,‘You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind,’” she said.“So I always just surround myself with positivity, which is good family, close friends and of course, the fans who have supported me!” Miley never forgets peeps like you who’ve helped her shine all along!

The“Best of Both Worlds” Tour has changed Miley. Rumors are running rampant8 that the 15-year old is shredding9 her good-girl image and butting heads10 with her parents. And Miley’s been criticized for her“way too mature” makeover. Has the Disney darling become defiant ?

She Has A New Look
While it’s questionable whether Miley’s personality has changed, her appearance certainly has. Two of the most visible changes are her teeth and hair. In last fall, Miley appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show with a straighter smile and reportedly had veneers  put on her teeth. Two months later, Miley dyed her light brown locks13 and flaunted14 at the Hannah Montana 3D Movie premiere.
“I’m a rock’n’roll girl,” the singer/actress shared.“That’s what happens when you’re on the road. You get bored with the same old thing every day. I darkened my hair.”
She’s Fighting with Her Folks
The road appears to have brought about a more rebellious Miley. While the honey has always been super-tight with her dad and her mom, the stress of touring tested those two relationships.
On New Year’s Eve, Miley and Billy Ray fought over something Miley describes as minor, but it was enough for Billy not to attend Miley’s Times Square appearance. “We got into an argument,” she shares.“It was over a song—he wanted to do it in a certain key.”
She’s Getting Grounded
Just weeks before, Miley admittedly “threw a fit15” with Tish over a short tank top16 she was wearing under a juicy Couture suit.“I was like,‘Mom, that’s the way it’s supposed to fit. I don’t want to look like I’m in a shirt in a Juicy suit,’ Miley explains. But Tish made her change and locked her in a room until she “calmed down.”“Then, I was like,‘Okay Mom, I can’t smile and act like everything is okay.’ And she was like,‘Oh, you’re going to or your phone is going to be taken away,’” Miley says.“And I was like,‘Fine. Take my phone away. Who am I going to talk to anyway?’”For two days, Miley was without a phone.
Miley’s Vanity Fair Nightmare
In the last year, two different sets of pictures have made the rounds17 online, private photos of hers, in sexy outfits and poses. This April, the star was extremely embarrassed when some photos surfaced on the internet and others set to be published in Vanity Fair magazine.
Some parents of Miley’s young fans were angry.“Miley, I am the mother of a 7 year old. I am wondering what choices you will make next,” a woman wrote.“Up until now I haven’t questioned your integrity. My daughter absolutely loves you. I don’t agree with the photos.” The New York Post’s headline screamed,“Miley’s Shame!”
Miley addressed the photo scandal, releasing a statement that said,“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be‘artistic,’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for18 any of this to happen, and I apologize to my fans, who I care so deeply about.”

Within three to five years, Miley will have to face adulthood. Fans grow up, and their youthful interests quickly dissolve. Her challenge will be overcoming the Hannah Montana stereotype. Miley’s fans are not thinking about the fact that she will grow up too. As she does, she’ll want to change her image, and that change will be met with adversity19. But Miley has an amazing support team. She seems to have good values, with parents teaching her important life lessons. She has management that has seen this phenomenon through before—Jim Morey’s company. Hope Miley enjoys every minute of this brief experience before her inevitable20 reinvention21 takes place. It’s going to make a fascinating book someday.







1. embark on 从事,着手
2. husky  adj. 沙哑的
3. stay true to oneself 做真正的自己
4. get to 对…有影响
5. scoop   n. 内幕消息
6. too big for one’s britches [口]自以为是;傲慢
7. motto   n. 座右铭
8. rampant   adj. 猖獗的,猛烈的
9. shred   v. 撕碎
10. butt heads 顶撞;插手
11. defiant   adj. 目中无人的
12. veneer    n. 牙贴
13. lock    n. 一绺头发
14. flaunt    v. 炫耀,夸耀
15. throw a fit 大发脾气,大为烦恼
16. tank top 露肚脐的小背心
17. make the rounds 传遍

18. intend for希望
19. adversity   n. 逆境
20. inevitable   adj. 不可避免的
21. reinvention    n. 彻底改造