The R&B Honey Rihanna|R&B甜心蕾哈娜


If you had to describe Rihanna in one word, what would it be? Obviously beautiful would be one of the first to jump to mind. Sexy would definitely be near the top of the list.
While she was promoting her album, Good Girl Gone Bad, she arrived at every event looking hot—in a slinky2 dress that played up her curves and showed a little skin without being too in-your-face3. You’d probably say edgy too: while so many other stars kept adding more and more extensions, she turned her honey-colored hair into a cool, angled black bob (and started a monster trend!). You can’t forget sweet: her song “Umbrella”—the hit of last summer that earned the number one spot for seven weeks—is all about being there for someone who needs you. And the fact that the tabloids4 never have any nasty5 rumors to report about her really shows that she’s someone worth admiring.
But above all else, Rihanna has been the ultimate style icon—this girl knows fashion, only she never looks like she’s trying too hard. And 2008 shows no sign of her letting up6; with her Good Girl Gone Bad tour circumnavigating7 the globe she is penciled in8 to complete her fourth album this year.
Q: How would you describe your style?
Rihanna: It’s never the same. I like to switch it up, to take risks and be extremely edgy. I don’t like to follow trends as much as I like to set trends.
Q: Would you  consider  yourself  a fashion icon?
R: Well, I love playing with fashion. I’m very spontaneous9—the best outfits from me come from not thinking about it. When I was growing up in Barbados10, I actually learned about fashion from reading magazines and tearing out stuff that I thought hot.
Q: So what’s your signature style piece?
R: I never wear the same kind of thing twice. But strapless11 dresses would probably be what I’ve worn on the red carpet the most. They’re very flattering because they show off your shoulders and give your boobs12 a nice lift.
Q: Have you always been comfortable having a sexy image?
R: No. Actually, when I first started, I had the baggy jeans, and that was me. The majority of my life back in jeans, I was a tomboy. I’m still a little tomboyish. But I look back and I’m like, how could I have worn those baggy jeans and think it was cool?
Q: Is it true that your legs were insured for a million dollars? And are your toes included in the package?
R: Yes. Breeze (female shaving brand) insured my legs for a million dollars. They named me this year’s “Celebrity Legs of A Goddess” and they insured my legs for that ridiculous amount. But my toes? Ha ha! I’m not too familiar with the specifics of the deal.
Q: What do you do when you’re not working? R: I like simple things like driving around, doing nothing, listening to music. I love going to movies and like bowling, too.
Q: Is this what you thought your life would be when you were growing up?
R: When I was young, I’d watch award shows and be like, “I want to do that one day.” I would practice speeches and silly stuff. I’d sing in the mirror with a brush. I’d set my chairs up and perform like there were people sitting there. I just knew that this is what I wanted—and somehow I just knew it would happen.
Q: With so much going on, do you have time for love?
R: Well, I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while. And sometimes I do get lonely. But it has to be someone who makes me happy, makes me feel comfortable to talk about anything, someone I can trust. You know, I  want to grow together as one—that’s really important.
Q: What kind of man do you think would be good for you?
R: I like guys who have a sense of humor and great personality. Guys who are ambitious. Someone I can just have fun with, and be comfortable around. Just be silly at times, but also have a great time.
Q: So, are you really a bad girl now?
R: Let’s say I want to do things my way. I can be stubborn. If someone wants to force me to do something, I’ll end up doing the exact opposite. Because I believe in myself. And most of the time, I make good decisions.
Q: How far are you ready to go?
R: I have to be myself. If I wanna be sexy, I must not restrict myself. I just need to avoid forcing it. I want to be fun, young and sexy.