The Scandals of 2007|2007乐坛丑闻录


Kelly Battles Her Record Label
  In July, Kelly Clarkson got angry and gave details of a fight she was having with her record company, BMG/RCA Records. She claimed that company head Clive Davis wanted her to replace some of the songs that she wrote for My December with tracks that were more likely to hit big. “They were just sending me stuff that was like almost insulting,” said Kelly, clearly offended. The bold babe told world-renowned Clive: “I don’t know you very well, and I am not a liar. I get that you don’t like the album. You’re 80; you’re not supposed to like my album.” But Clive might be saying, “Ha, ha! I told you so!” The album went on to sell a meager2 660,000 copies in the United States, and Kelly was forced to cancel her summer tour. Usher Cancels Wedding
It was a bumpy3 road for Mr. and Mrs. Usher Raymond. In July, just hours before their scheduled wedding, Usher called things off4, leaving Tameka Foster—and nearly 100 confused family and friends—in shock. But some close to the couple didn’t find it completely shocking. Snitches5 said Usher and Tameka fought over the wedding details, and the family, including Usher’s mom, didn’t approve of their marriage. Regardless of what happened, a week later the couple married at Usher’s lawyer’s office.
Xtina’s Pregnancy Blurted6 By Paris!
In September, amid unconfirmed rumors that she was pregnant, Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman watched in horror as their foolish friend, Paris Hilton, announced their happy baby news to a packed Las Vegas nightclub. “I want everyone to say congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, Christina Aguilera. You’re gorgeous7!” blurted Paris proudly into a microphone. Ugh! Christina’s secret was out—and picked up by tabloids8, TV shows, websites, you name it.
  Kanye Boycotts9 MTV
  Rapper Kanye West was angry when he was overlooked to open the MTV Video Music Awards and asked to perform in an offsite suite, “MTV made it seem like performing on the main stage was a bad thing, and the suites were just so great,” he said. “I feel like I got betrayed by them.” After the show, in which he lost in five categories, Kanye yelled and threw things backstage that was caught on tape and downloaded onto the internet for all to see.“Give a black man a chance,” he whined. A crazed Kanye vowed to boycott MTV forever more.
Lauren Conrad’s Sex Tape
The Hills’ former best pals, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, argued publicly in April when rumors of a sex tape of Lauren and one-time beau10, Jason Wahler, spread quickly. Lauren blamed Heidi’s bf, Spencer Pratt, for telling rumors, and—Heidi couldn’t believe that Lauren would dare to go there. The spat11 escalated12 to an “I hate you more” / “No, I hate you more” feud13.
Vanessa’s Nude Photos
The last weeks of summer should have been great for Vanessa Hudgens. Her wildly popular movie, high School Musical 2, had a huge opening just weeks earlier, and she was appearing on magazine covers everywhere. But the media circus turned negative when a nude photo of her was posted online. She bravely fessed up, saying: “I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.” Now, Vanessa is trying to put this behind her and is in talks with Disney to star in HSM3.
  Celebs Go To Jail!
  Paris Hilton was sent to jail in June for driving with a suspended license. After spending just three days locked up, she was released and put on home confinement14. But 24 hours later, she was caught by police at her home and taken back to jail. Paris served 23 days of her 45-day sentence and said it was life-changing, the hardest thing she ever had to do. Her early release for good behavior made Mommy and Daddy Hilton happy so they had a big party in Las Vegas! They must be proud!
  Lindsay Lohan, also landed jailtime. When police responded to a call about a car chase in Santa Monica in July, they arrived to find Lindsay behind the wheel of an SUV15 in pursuit of another vehicle. Just released from rehabilitation16, she was found drink driving and in possession of cocaine17. Lindsay was sentenced to four days in jail.“It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs,” LinLo said. “I very much want to be healthy and gain control of my life and career and have asked for medical help in doing so.”
Britney’s Breakdown!
Back in February, after finished rehabilitation, Brit shaved her head, got tattooed, and began to act badly. Flashy headlines and photos exposed her explosive behavior, and the bold singer fought back by partying endlessly (without panties), stopped speaking with her mom, created even more problems with her divorce, attacked a photographer’s SUV with an umbrella, missed her son’s birthdays and skipped out on interviews and photo shoots!
In September, a bewildered18 Britney promised to turn it all around with a hugely opening act at the MTV Video Music Awards. But come show-time, Brit appeared unrehearsed and out of shape, and ruined her chance—big time! A month after her shocking performance, a California judge gave custody19 of Brit’s sons to their father, Kevin Federline. Britney didn’t miss a beat20—and hit the party scene that same night. Can she get her life back on track? Time will tell.
Zanessa Caught In Hawaii!
HSM honeys Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were outed21 as a couple in May when photographers spotted the couple vacationing in Hawaii. Their rumored romance finally was confirmed, and suddenly the cute Disney couple became a mainstream sensation. Now they admit to their two-year relationship, but still like to keep the details undercover.“There are just some things we like to keep private,” says Zac.



1. tantrum  n. 发怒
2. meager   adj. 不足的,缺乏的
3. bumpy   adj. 崎岖不平的
4. call off 放弃
5. snitch   n. 告密者
6. blurt   v. 未加思索地说出
7. gorgeous   adj. 极好的,可喜的
8. tabloid   n. 小报
9. boycott   v. 抵制
10. beau   n. 情郎;纨绔子弟
11. spat   n. 口角
12. escalate   v. 逐步升高
13. feud   n. 长期不和
14. confinement   n. (被)紧闭
15. Sport Utility Vehicle, 运动型多功能车
16. rehabilitation  n. 康复治疗
17. cocaine   n. 可卡因
18. bewilder   v. 使迷惑
19. custody   n. 监护
20. miss a beat未受干扰或影响而出现停顿
21. out   v. 暴露