Your Life on the Big Screen|人生如戏,你演哪种?


Your teacher’s grade book has suddenly gone missing! You:
a. Wonder out loud if the A’s, B’s, and C’s went to find the rest of the alphabet.
b. Vow to find it yourself, even if you have to dive into the dumpster1, sneak into the teacher’s lounge2, or otherwise risk life...
c. Are too distracted to care. You and your best buds had a huge fight at lunch... again.
d. Make up a song about the situation in your head.
You love your best friend for:
a. The way he always laughs at your jokes.
b. His daredevil3 spirit. He’s always up for your latest adventure!
c. Her ability to listen. You can tell her anything.
d. Her fantastic voice. You sing the best duets4 together!
 When your family takes a cross-country road trip, you:
a. Get a glimpse into just how funny your family is. Your friends will never believe what happened on the road...!
b. Ask to stop at every roller coaster, bungee jump, and white-water rafting place along the way.
c. Whine5 the entire time. You’d rather be in a swanky6 hotel, overlooking the ocean!
d. Lead the family in everyone’s favorite on-the-road tunes.
What would you love to have at your next birthday party?
a. A comedian7, or maybe a clown.
b. A giant bounce8 house.
c. A major gossip9 session.
d. A karaoke machine.

a. 惊讶地自言自语,那些A啊B啊C啊是不是去找其它字母了。
b. 发誓独自找到它,哪怕你要扎进垃圾车、潜入教师休息室,或者干脆豁出小命……
c. 哪儿有心思管这个。你和几个最好的朋友吃午饭时又吵了一大架。
d. 脑子里即兴编了一首歌。
a. 他总被你的笑话逗乐。
b. 勇敢无畏。他总是支持你最新的冒险计划!
c. 善于倾听。你什么事都可以告诉她。
d. 迷人的嗓音。你们俩的二重唱太棒了!
a. 才知道你们一家人在一起有多好玩。朋友们怎么也想不到路上发生了什么乐事……!
b. 一碰到有过山车、蹦极和漂流的地方都要求停下来。
c. 发了一路牢骚。要是住能看海景的大宾馆该多好!
d. 旅途中领着全家把每人最喜欢的歌都唱了一遍。


1. dumpster  n. 垃圾车
2. lounge   n. 休闲室
3. daredevil   adj. 不怕死的
4. duet   n. 二重唱
5. whine  v. 抱怨
6. swanky  adj. 时髦的;漂亮的
7. comedian   n. 喜剧演员
8. bounce   n. 跳起, 弹回
9. gossip    n. 闲话, 闲谈
10. crack up 崩溃
11. one-liner 俏皮话,打趣的话
12. action-packed 充满令人激动情节的
13. nail-biting 令人紧张的
14. sequel    n. 续集
15. galore   adv. 丰富地
16. encore    n. 要求再唱一次