Pink's No Stupid Girl|红粉佳人:我不是蠢女孩


Full Name:
Alecia Moore
Pink, PINK (it had nothing to do with her later shade of hair dye)
Date of Birth:     
September 8, 1979
Height: 5'3"
Place of Birth:
Pennsylvania (美国宾夕法尼亚州)
Hair Color:
Flamingo Pink (像火烈鸟那样的粉红色)
Musical Influences:
Madonna, Whitney
Houston, Billy Joel,
her father
She grew up in a musical family. At age 14 she began writing and singing some of her own songs in clubs in Philadelphia. Her first album Can't Take Me Home, released in 2000, featured the top ten hit “There You Go.” She followed that with the album Missundaztood(2001) and had even greater success with the hit songs “Don't Let Me Get Me” and “Get This Party Started” which became her biggest, most inescapable1 hit to date.
Pink's facial expressions and different clothing styles have helped make her music videos as popular as her records. Pink's next album Try This, released in 2003, concentrated even more on rock. She wed motocross racer Carey Hart in January, 2006. Her fourth album, I'm Not Dead, appeared that April; its first single, “Stupid Girls,” quickly became a hit.

Is Pink A Hater?
The singer disses2 everyone from Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan in her video for “Stupid Girls.” Is she really ready to throw down3?
She Trashes Hollywood...
“I wasn't thinking about ever writing a song like that.” Pink said, “But I and a lot of my friends were all sort of sick from celebrity culture and just the way girls are being respected. I felt like, well, if no one else is going to say it publicly—I've never been afraid to speak my mind!”
...But It's All For Fun!
“The video is just one big laugh,” explains Pink. “It was so much fun to do, and we needed a good laugh so we can stop taking ourselves so seriously. It's copying how foolish all of it is, but it's funny!”
It's OK to Be Different
“I'm an option4 girl. There's a lot of us out there5 that don't look up to that [Hollywood ideal], and we're not being represented,”says Pink. She likes being an alternative to the typical pop princess. “I'm not any better, I'm not any worse. I'm just different. If that's what you want to be and that's what you look up to, that's great, but if there's people out there who don't, then they need an example too.”
I've grown up!
“My 25th year was such a huge year for me. Almost overnight, it was like, ‘Omigod6 —look how much there is to do in this world.’ Sometimes it just happens that way, you know? I started paying less attention to my own drama7 and more to the world around me. I need to do the best I can, just really live, wake up, learn and be better.”




1. inescapable  adj. 不可逃避的;不可避免的
2. diss [dis] v. 对某人轻视、不敬、小看
3. throw down 谴责,打击
4. option  n. 选项, 选择权
5. out there “在外边”,但是此处没有实际的意义。
6. Omigod=Oh my God
7. drama n. 戏剧, 此处指生活中那些令人感到喜怒哀乐的日常琐事
8. polish n. 亮泽,光亮
9. elope  v. 私奔
10. dumb down 不做声
11. brace [breis] n. 牙套
12. trumpet  n. 小号 play the trumpet 这里是比喻的说法,意为像吹号样声音很大,引人注意。

13. clarinet  n. 竖笛
14. asthma  n. 哮喘
15. unruly  adj. 不受拘束的, 不守规矩的
16. diarrhea n. 痢疾,腹泻
17. lip-synching 假唱