A Joke|笑话一则


The Bank Robber
A bank was robbed by an armed robber.
He walked into the bank, went up to the bank teller1, pointed a gun at her and said, “Give me all the money or I’ll shoot.”
The bank teller was frightened and did as the robber asked.
The police later asked the bank teller if she could tell them anything about the robber.
“He wore a stocking over his face,” the bank teller said.“I’m afraid I can’t tell you what he looked like.”
A week later, the bank was robbed again.
“I’m sure it was the same man,” the bank teller said. “I didn’t see his face, because he had a stocking over it again, but the voice was the same when he said, ‘Give me all the money or I’ll shoot.’”
A week later, the bank was robbed for the third time.
“Was it the same man?” the police asked the bank teller.
“Oh, yes, I’m sure it was,” the bank teller said.“I didn’t see his face because he wore a stocking over it again but it was the same voice.”
“Are you sure you didn’t notice anything else about the man?” the police asked. “A little detail2. Anything that might help us find him.”
The bank teller thought for a minute, then she said, “There is one thing.” “And what is that?” the police said hopefully.
“Every time he comes in and robs us,” the teller said, “he’s better dressed than before.”


1. teller n. 出纳
2. detail  n. 细节;详情