child will be the national future host, therefore, how to provide the child a good family, the society perhaps the learning environment, is goal which various countries will devote. in August, 1925 convened in the Swiss Geneva about in child welfare's international conference, proposed “the International Children's Day” for the first time concept. this congress has 54 national loving care child representatives, gathers holds “the child happy international congress” in the Swiss Geneva, "Safeguards Child Manifesto through Geneva". In the manifesto, proper enjoys, deprived child's relief, the child danger work regarding the child spirit to avoid, the child making a living opportunity acquisition, as well as how to rescue raises questions and so on child, has the warm discussion.after will be inferior from now on the congress, so as to the one hand the inspiration child, lets the child feel happiness, joyful, on the other hand also to cause the society to take seriously with to cherish, various countries' government successively schedules “the children's day”