learn Engliah well

2014-6-8 6:21:34 [英语作文写作指导]

  i'm good at english just because i'm really interested in it.now me tell you two ways how i am learning english.

  first,listen to the teacher in class carefully.then after class,i could find out the grammar and difficults.it's very important,i think so.in the spare time,i am always listening to muic.i not only enjoy great and wonderful music,but also improve my english at the same time.

  second,i watch english programmes on tv and listen to english programmes on radio to improve my english.i think that english programmes not only help me improve my listening skills,but also help me improve my listening skills.in this way,i can improve my spoken language.talking english with foreiners that is a reason why we are learning english.so if you want to learn english better,you must talk with others.however,learning english harder is most important.