A busy weekend(800字)

2017-6-1 16:26:33 [小学六年级英语作文]

I   had   a   busy    weekend .  I   did   lots   of   things  .On   Saturday  morning  ,  I  watered  the  plants . Then , I  sent  some  emails  to  my  friends . In  the  afternoon , I  didmy  homework .  Then ,  I  played  the  piano .  In  the  evening ,  I  cleaned  my  room  by  myself .  Then  ,  My  family  and  I  visited  family  and  friends .  On  Sunday  morning ,  I  fished  with  my  best  friend ,  Anna  .  Then ,I  painted  the  picture .  In  the  afternoon ,  I  read  an  interesting book .  Then ,  My  mother  and  I  went  to  the  beach .The  sea  was  beautiful .  In  the  evening ,  I  ate  a  big  dinner .  The  food  was  spicy  and  delicious . Then ,  I  saw  a  film  at  the  cinema .  The  film  was  nice .I  was  busy  but  I  was  happy  .


  I had a busy weekend. I did lots of things. On Saturday morning, I watered the  plants. Then, I  sent  some  emails  to my  friends. In the afternoon, I did my homework.  Then,  I played the piano.  In the evening,  I cleaned my room by  myself.  Then,  My family and I visited family and friends.  

  On Sunday morning,  I fishedwithmybest friend, Anna.  Then, I painted  the  picture.  In the afternoon ,  I read  an interesting book.  Then,  My  mother  and  I  went  to  the  beach. The  sea was  beautiful.  In the evening,  I ate a big dinner.  The food  was spicy and delicious. Then, I saw a film at the cinema.  The film was nice . I was  busy but I was happy  .


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