At the seaside(300字)

2017-6-1 16:26:30 [小学六年级英语作文]

  My  family  and I went to the seaside .My dad went fishing in the sae.My mum unber  the umbrella.She read a book. My uncle ate ice cream.My consins ate bread.My brothers nade a sandcastle.My sisters basked on the sunny  beach.Mike went swimming in the sea.Kate and I played football.We were  very happy.

My family and I went to the seaside. My dad went fishing in the sea. My mum stayed under the umbrella. She read a book. My uncle ate an ice cream. My consins ate bread. My brothers made a sandcastle. My sisters bathed on the sunny beach. Mike went swimming in the sea. Kate and I played football. We were very happy. 

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