Embrace the spring(800字)

2017-6-1 16:26:28 [小学六年级英语作文]

  Spring returns to the good earth., the recovery of all things, spring quietly...
   ln the four seasons, but you are the most beautiful, your arrival, the flowers show a smile; your arrival, the grass for you swing; your arrival, the butterfly for you to dance; your arrival, the birds sing for you... You are my favorite season, since you are here, I want to give you a deep hug.
   I want to close to you, and small partners in the fields go fly a kite, catch butterflies, catching cricket, tired, sleep lying on the grass, was born in the countryside, I, are more likely to be close to you, are more likely to embrace you.
   Spring, I want to give you a deep hug! The city inside the child, your feelings will be deeper? I like your spring, thank you for giving me a happy childhood.

Spring is coming quietly. It makes everything come back to life.
 Spring is the most beautiful seasons. In spring, the flowers are smiling happily. The grass is dancing beautifully. And the birds are flying and singing in the woods. 
Spring is my favorite season. In spring, I like flying a kite, chasing butterflies and lying on the grass when I feel tired. 
I want to give spring a big and warm hug! I like spring, thank you for giving me such a happy time.

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