Hug In Spring(900字)

2017-6-1 16:26:27 [小学六年级英语作文]
spring is coming! The weather is fine. Flowers are booming, and birds are singing. Trees burgeon. i  am very happy.Let 's together embrace spring

   In the woods, and the sun warm.           

Peach blossom zhankai smiling face, to get package, how nice!           

Pear flower also opened, so White。 willow out new branches and leaves, the wind blows, it's a dance.

Everything is so beautiful. 

 On school, all sorts of flowers are open,colorful , red, yellow, blue...... The grass nod and smile to me,The breeze caresses my face.      

I slept on the grass, listening to the rustling noise, grass leaves whisper, fantastic .

  Hillside, green everywhere, the mountains everywhere full of flowers, i feel happy,oh,spring is coming! 

  Oh, how beautiful the spring! Let us together embrace spring!

Spring is coming! The weather is fine. We can see flowers booming, and hear birds singing. I am very happy. Let's embrace spring together. The sun shines brightly and warmly. Peach blossoms beautifully like smiling face. Pear flowers also come out, so white. Willow begins to turn green and is dancing with the gentle wind. Everything is so beautiful. At school, all flowers are blooming. The grass is nodding and smiling to me. The breeze is blowing over my face. I like lying down on the grass and listening to the birds singing. 

It is green everywhere, and it is colorful everywhere. How beautiful the spring is! I love spring!

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