A Room for Rent(750字)

2015-9-22 6:22:01 [小学六年级英语作文]

  It's a quiet room away from the street. There is a big bed in the room.Near the bed,there is a big window. Besides the window,there is a desk..You can work here.Of course,there is a chair in front of the desk.In the middle of the room,there is a round table. When your friends come to visit you,you can have tea and have a chat around it. That will be fun. There is a shoe rack at the end of the bed. I think you'll like it. On the wall, you can see some photo frames.If you put some pictures or your photos in it, yhat will be nice. There are two lights in the room. One is on the desk and the other is over the bed.

  The price is $500 per month,$5000 per year.If you want to hire this room,please contact Mr Smith and the telephone number is .


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