Hong Kong Book Fair(1200字)

2015-9-22 6:22:01 [小学六年级英语作文]

  Yesterday, my mother and I went to Hong Kong Book Fair. The Book Fair was held in a big ship named LOGOS HOPE. It sailed all countries around the world and sold books. LOGOS HOPE will stop in Hong Kong ocean terminal for ten days. Then sail to other counties and will come back twenty-two years later.

  There were so many people there. They lined up and went to the ship slowly. An hour later, my mother and I stepped onto the deck. Oh! There were so many books there. It looks like that I walked in the Ocean made by books. All books are in English. I took up one book and began to read. There were some words I didn’t understand. I was a little sad.

  “This book is a little difficult for you. You can choose an easier one.” My mother said. We came to the children’s books exhibition area. We read a lot of books there. Finally, I chose a book named Andersen’s Fairy Tales. It was written by Hans Christian Andersen, one of the world’s best storytellers. I like the book very much. So, my mother bought it for me.

  “We should go home.” mother said. I looked at LOGOS HOPE. It looks so beautiful. “I love you. I want to see you again twenty-two years later.” I said to myself.


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