The greedy man(2000字)

2015-7-20 17:22:20 [小学六年级英语作文]

  The earth like a selfless mother, always give us the resources. But because of human greed. The desertification land area expands unceasingly, the national desertification soil area has reached 262 square kilometers, and the expanded at an annual rate of 2460 square kilometers. Grassland degradation, digestion, alkaline, is referred to as the "three", and the area increases year by year. ***, the "three" grassland area of 13500 hectares, and increase at a speed of 2 million hectares, etc. Lead to 3/1 of the land in China is facing a desert, 23% arable land degeneration, billion people threatened by desertification, a quarter of the human disease related to environmental degradation and so on. We are born on the earth, the earth has brought up us. Our life cannot leave the earth, we need to resource we will always be a part of the earth. The earth mother facing the disaster will happen in humans. So, we need to carefully protect our earth mother, don't let her green lush hair fell; Don't let her smooth cheek wrinkles; Don't let her beautiful face covered with gray yarn. Only away from the pain of the earth mother, can we better protect our benefits to our future generations! (to the people to do this, I put forward the following Suggestions;

  1. Found the people around with throw behavior should be discouraged right now.

  2. Discourage hunter uncle not disorderly killing animals, and protect them.

  3. Moderate cutting down trees, many advocates of afforestation.

  4. Caught in the source of life, don't throw rubbish into the river, don't make the water polluted. Avoid threats to human life.

  5 let parents less drive motor vehicles rolled non-motor vehicle traffic.

  6. Don't let the faucet water conservation in the sad tears.

  Although we can't let the earth back into the lush, but as long as we start from around things, do not let the earth mother to tears, and the day will come!

  I wish you a speedy awake, protect the earth!


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