The rain(1200字)

2015-7-20 17:22:20 [小学六年级英语作文]

  Rain "tick-tock, tick-tock" underground, trickling rain, my heart is becoming more and more nervous, it's raining today, but I didn't bring an umbrella.

  Is the last class, is going to school soon. But the rain seems to stop don't make it for a while. How to do?

  I really want to stop time, such as the rain stopped to calculate again, but it's absolutely impossible.

  I just appeared, the idea of the bell is like against me "jingle bell" rang.

  How can it do? I with complex mood, step by step to move out of the classroom, I is your home from school, no one came to pick me up.

  At the school gate, with teachers and classmates said goodbye to each other. "Today seems to be a drowned rat. I whisper in my heart quietly.

  "Cai Shuang, didn't you carry an umbrella?" A voice came, then the head an umbrella walked to come over. I am ashamed to say "yes." Thought she would laugh at me, but she said: "this umbrella to lend you, or you'll get wet, I someone answer." I took the umbrella, and her grateful smile: "I'll pay you back tomorrow!"

  The next day, I took several new umbrella, in the back of the room locker. Return the umbrella to her, I said to her: "thank you, I want to like you, later to try to help people in trouble."

  We both laughed, smiled so sweet.


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