2015-7-20 17:22:20 [小学六年级英语作文]

  My mother was taken to the experiment center of the building. Mother said: "today, would you like to take this time machine to Jurassic park, and use the latest camera filmed there dinosaurs, and then bring them back." "But the dinosaurs eat me!" "Don't be afraid, mom to give you two packs of darling pill to give them to eat, you can control them." "Good." I held out on a time machine to the Jurassic.

  Oh, the scenery here is beautiful! I took a few picture first, then go find a dinosaur. Yi? What caught my feet? Ah! The original is man-eater flower, run! But this guy with twigs attached cling to my feet, I have to take it with a knife La broken branches, were prepared to bring it back to the botanical garden! Then I continue to look for a dinosaur. On a lake, I saw many "wild ducks," but why they don't like ordinary duck call but "whoa"? I didn't think of it at this moment, they are hadrosaurs in dinosaurs. Excited, busy I shoot them down, they see me the "intruder" stretched out his neck there, I'm afraid they hurt, hurriedly took the mother to my darling eat pills to make them, they really very lovely, right away and I went back to the 2022 - year - old dinosaur museum together! In the museum, everyone cheered for me...

  "Get up! Get up!" Yi? What's the matter? It is I made a dream.


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