Changes in home(1200字)

2015-6-24 22:20:14 [小学六年级英语作文]

  Hey! The old dirt road into a clean road. Ah! Before the little house into a huge building. But...... The environment... Oh!

  My hometown is in Anhui Bengbu, now the home of the great change, but the environment is much better than before, now let us go to have a look!

  Now, with the development of science and technology, the hometown built a building, life has been greatly improved, which is a good thing.However, the buildings built up, the factory also increased, from factoriespolluted the river, before the lively bounce has now become a dead fish.Green little. Previously, here is a piece of green grass, we always love to fly a kite, play games here, grinning, tired, lying on the top, with white clouds, watching the sunset, and the stars say good night......

  However, it's not there. No lawns, cement is covered above, people life is convenient, but the smile on the face of a little. Not the place to play, we do not like to play, like at home. Previously, the air here is fresh, eveneach and every family meals can smell incense, now, are not. Were all the unpleasant smell of smoke away. Before the summer, there is alwaysa lot of cicadas singing "Symphony", but now can only hear one or twosummer cicada.

  People ah! You know? Your home in tears, your mother crying!


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