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2015-6-24 22:20:13 [小学六年级英语作文]

  I like the rain, the rain sounds like a harmonious melody. Before it began to rain, the weather is unusually hot, the wind gently across the world, leaves rustling, constantly swaying branches; Wind rustled river quietly, suddenly river like a broken mirror, fish kept out of the water. The clothes are from time to time shaking, as if to say: "it's going to rain! Accept clothes!" Industrious hostess can skillfully to accept clothes, smiled and said, "there is a fresh scent of the wind..."

  Rain, at this time or drizzle, naughty light rain cloud mother's arms, falling, some on the canopy, "flutters!" A jump into the soil, some on the colourful umbrella, others fell on the kid's tender hands, listen to their laughter like wind chimes... Rain increases gradually, the size of soybean raindrops fell on the ground, a "tick tock" sound, the grass with a small towel, said to himself: "I love to take a bath, the skin is very good, la la la la!" At that time, there was a "river flutters!" Baby turned out to be a raindrop paddle and splashing crystal waves... Kid dozen umbrella dance in the rain, the beautiful dance, let a person can't help rooting. Suddenly, thunder and lightning thunder, thunder male hard drums banging his thunder day, torrential rain, such as a waterfall, "great!" The rain on the canopy, "tick, tick!" Rain splashed on the boat deck, tick tock, gather together an compactness symphony. People are hiding in the house, the bird flew into the nest, waiting for the rain to stop...

  The rain becomes gradually, the rain has stopped, open the window, the fresh air, sunshine, wind river quiet, people go out to walk, and back to the scenery of the past.


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